Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bargain dining in Ashland

Retirees on a budget are frequently clipping coupons and looking for special offers in order to find affordable ways to experience Ashland's fine dining. One reason people from larger cities love to retire in Ashland is that they don't have to sacrifice this enjoyable aspect of life when they move to a small town. We believe that Ashland has at least 30 restaurants that rival any in San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle, with another 30 casual dining cafes, pubs and wine bars. Last night Mark and I took a bottle of our favorite wine to Omar's, where corkage is free on Monday and Tuesday evenings.
Check out their web site http://www.omarsrestaurant.com/ for directions, hours, and a sample of their menus. Additionally, they always feature an extensive list of daily specials with some of the finest fresh seafood and steaks around. Also on their web site you can sign up for their newsletter which included a $10 coupon last month. So we were very pleased to have a fantastic dining experience and not have to take out a second mortgage on our house!
For listings of many other of Ashland's great restaurants, visit our web site www.oregonretirement.info
Stay tuned for more tips from the Frugal Fork Wielder.

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