Friday, November 16, 2007

Retirement USA

Oh boy, it is Friday! Whenever I say that, my friends laugh at me and as though Friday has no significance to a retired person. And the truth is it still does. It was always a favorite feeling when I worked. I loved my job (I managed a social service program at Asante Health System) and enjoyed serving the patients and community that asked for our service. So really, at the end of Friday afternoon, I could celebrate the people I helped, ask for guidance for those whom I couldn't, and feel the joy of having time to myself. I try to maintain that "emotional schedule" in my life now, even though I am retired. For instance; Marty and I nearly always check our website each morning, to add more links or clear ones that may not be valid any longer. We blog, and then we email each other with an update on our website project. So, we have a "job"! Granted it is done in our jammies with a cup of coffee nearby, but it provides a certain discipline that we follow. Then comes Friday, and we have what we call "decktails". It all started when Mark and Marty built a house down the road from me. It has a large deck and we would gather there Friday after work along with other friends who may want to join us. We would potluck appetizers and wine and enjoy the beautiful hills of Ashland from the deck. By the way, those hills are amazing! It reminds me of Southern France (only it is Southern Oregon) and no matter what time of year it is, the hills will give us a light show that is breathtaking. We see fields of purple vetch in the spring, frosting of snow in the winter, and all the colors in between the seasons, plus an occasional rainbow. Yes, retirement is wonderful, but so are Friday nights in Ashland!

Cheers, Karen