Tuesday, December 18, 2007

West Virginia Retirement

Although West Virginia does not usually spring to mind as the retirement capital of the country, it is one of only five US States that have set up a certification program for retirement communities in the state.

This Retire in West Virginia state website offers free literature by mail and information about West Virginia's new certification program. The state has designated these six communities as having great retirement potential:

Greater Morgantown
Lewis County
Nicholas County
Summers County

West Virginia's designation comes after an application process that ensures community viability as a retirement destination:

Designated Retirement Communities, or DRCs, are communities that have undergone a rigorous 12-point application process that ensures that the community does indeed provide the resources and amenities required to be considered as a viable retirement destination.

Financial Planning for Retirement

Financial planning is not always the easiest thing to do and understand. However, when considering retirement, it is a must. Retirees and future retirees have a multitude of resources to access to build their plan. One option that is really set up for retirement is a reversed mortgage. Those retired folks who want to investigate this opportunity, should make sure you have a reputable person to work with. Our local YMCA had a workshop for retired people who wanted to learn more about reverse mortgages. The presenter was a woman who had a great deal of knowledge and told us she got into the business because her mother was retired with very little income, and this option was her ticket to financial stability and a joyful retirement. The website for this mortgage broker is www.golfsavingsbank.com/loanofficers/triciasmith.htm The federal government will also send you a free information packet, just go to www.financialfreedom.com