Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Learning in Retirement

One of the most fun things for retirees in Ashland to keep their minds active is to take classes at SOLIR - Southern Oregon Learning in Retirement.
This program offers retirees a chance to teach a class in their favorite hobby, or literary or current events topic that they have researched and have some level of expertise in and enthusiasm for. Or for a paltry $100 per YEAR tuition, take all the classes you can fit into your busy retirement schedule! Popular courses are on anything Shakespearean, as Ashland is home to the world famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival It's always helpful to have studied the play before you see it live on stage at the Elizabethan theatre. Plus you get a chance to meet new friends that share your love of learning in a specific area, or just those who finally have time to enjoy exploring their world outside of career and family.
Ashland is also home to many other adult education programs which you can learn more about on our web site,
See you in class!

Retirement USA

This morning I am thinking about community service. This is one of the very best parts of retirement! One has time to volunteer! Marty and I are both eager volunteers, especially around feeding the hungry. Yesterday we had a shift together at Uncle Foods Diner, which is the local "soup kitchen". It is such a simple concept that is set up in the Methodist church kitchen, here in Ashland. We receive food donations from Southern Oregon University, the Growers Market, Market of Choice, and others who can give food. We chop, peel, clean, and get more inventive than you can imagine. The talented chef from one of our local resturants , Larks in the Ashland Springs Hotel, can make a meal out of anything! We feed 60 to 80 folks on Tuesday afternoon. I get so much out of helping on this project, and am so grateful that now I am retired I can do this sort of thing. Many retirees say that they don't want to have another schedule and are reticent about stepping into the volunteer world, but there are many ways to do it. Marty and I are a team in this particular effort, and if one of us is out of town, the other can fill in.

We believe that volunteering in our communities is so important, not only for those who receive, but also the ones giving (good for your mental health, my friends) that we have included volunteer opportunities on our website

I would love to hear from some of you who will share your volunteer stories with us.

Bye for now, Karen