Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Grand Junction Colorado Retirement

Grand Junction, Colorado
Grand Junction is in Colorado's Northwest Travel Region. The City of Grand Junction features a dramatic red rock landscape with outdoor adventures and golf. Regional wineries give Grand Junction the nickname "Colorado's Wine Country".

Retirement Communities:
The Village at Country Creek VillageatCountryCreek.com (970) 201-4050
Mesa View Retirement Residence: The Atrium of Grand Valley (970) 256-0006
Fountains of Hilltop TheFountainsgj.org (970) 243-8800
Senior Citizens Services: Mesa View Retirement Residence (970) 241-0772
Mesa View Retirement Home (970) 564-0716
Grand Villa (970) 241-9706

Population:> 45,000 was Grand Junction's population in 2006

Weather: Cold winters, warm summers.

Cost of Living: Moderate

Housing Costs:
Grand Junction's Median home price is 270,000 making Grand Junction a moderately prices Real Estate Area. www.Zillow.com has more detail for home prices in Colorado

Colorado Taxes: www.revenue.state.co.us

Transportation: gvt.mesacounty.us

Universities and Colleges:
Mesa State University: www.mesastate.edu
Intellitec College www.intelliteccollege.com

Health care:
Community Hospital www.yourcommunityhospital.com (970) 242-0920
St Mary's Hospital www.stmarygj.org (970) 244-2273
Dept of Veterans Affairs: Grand Junction VA Medical Center www.va.gov

Travel and tourism: www.visitgrandjunction.com

San Diego Retirement

San Diego California, is it's own California travel region thanks to millions of annual tourists and a large number of travel attractions. This is one of the USA's most popular retirement areas for those who can afford one of California's most expensive areas in terms of real estate.

Retirement Communities (partial list):
St Paul's Retirement Homes www.stpaulseniors.org (619) 239-6900
GCWF Retirement Trust (619) 234-2855
Grossmont Gardens Retirement www.healthcaregrp.com (619) 463-0281
Coronado Royale Retirement Center www.seasonscoronado.com
Patrician Retirement Community (858) 455-9188
Regency Park Retirement (619) 464-6801
Wesley Palms Retirement Communities www.wesleypalms.org

Population: 1,257,000 is the population of San Diego, California

Moderate warm coastal weather. San Diego is considered to have some of the most desirable weather in the USA, with low rainfall, moderate temperatures year round, and sunshine almost every day.

Cost of Living: Moderate to High

Housing Costs: The Median home price in San Diego is $561,000
Zillow has more detail for home prices in the San Diego Area.

Taxes: California has income, property, and other taxes that are generally higher
than other states. California Tax details are here: www.ftb.ca.gov

Transportation: www.sdcommute.com

Universities and Colleges:
San Diego State University www.americanlanguage.org (619) 594-6561
Point Loma Nazarene University: General Information www.pointloma.edu (619) 849-2355
San Diego Mesa College www.sdmesa.sdccd.cc.ca.us (858) 627-2600
New School of Architecture www.newschoolarch.edu (619) 235-4100
University of California San Diego: Scripps Institution www.aquarium.ucsd.edu (858) 534-3474
Fashion Institute of Design www.fidm.edu (619) 235-2049
University of San Diego www.sandiego.edu (619) 260-4600
California Western School-Law www.cwsl.edu (619) 239-0391
University of California San Diego www.ucsd.edu

Health care and Hospitals in San Diego:
Sharp Memorial Hospital www.sharp.com (858) 939-3400
UC San Diego Medical Center: UCSD Medical www.health.ucsd.edu (619) 543-6222
Sharp Coronado Hospital www.sharp.com (619) 522-3600
UCSD Medical Center-Hillcrest www.health.ucsd.edu (619) 543-3697
San Diego Cardiac Center www.sdcardiac.com (858) 244-6800
Scripps Mercy Hospital www.scripps.org (619) 294-8111
Children's Specialists of San Diego www.chsd.org

Travel and tourism - San Diego Region:

wikitravel.org/en/San_Diego Wiki Travel has a nice list of attractions in the San Diego region which include these:
Balboa Park, a beautiful city park and the home of the San Diego Zoo
Old Town - site of the original San Diego. A state park now and home to great shopping, dining, and history.
Del Coronado - one of the world's most famous hotels.