Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Geezers and Excercise

No, this is not a lecture about "you must exercise!".........well, maybe a little. However, there have been enough studies done on the physical and mental value of exercise that is it something we all need to consider, and especially if you are retired. I say that, because when we have freedom over our daily schedule, it is so easy to put off, wait, and then totally dismiss the practice of exercise. Now, what I find is that one must discover the way or ways to exercise that agree with the individual. You have heard that Marty loves cycling, Mark is an avid golfer (he walks, no cart!) and I have my favorite too, and that is rowing. So here in Southern Oregon we all get to satisfy those "athletic" passions. One of the greatest days of my life is when I read that The Ashland Rowing Club was formed. Yes, here in little Ashland, Oregon, we have a rowing club! We row in Immigrant Lake, which is south of Ashland. We have around 150 members, we own shells of all sizes, now have a great boat barn and coaches! Many of our members race competitively and have done very well. Some have brought home gold medals on international races. Many prefer recreational rowing without the discipline and pressure of racing. One of the things I love about the Ashland Rowing Club is there are people of all ages, many retired and one woman who is 80 years young! She is such an inspiration to all of us. The men have a racing crew that they have labeled "The Geezers". All men over 60 years old. They too are role models! You can learn more about our rowing club at our website My real point in telling you about rowing is to remind you that your body and mind need exercise. Find what gives you pleasure and it will keep you off the couch and out of your doctors office and reading my blogs when you are in your 90's!
I would love to hear what kind of exercise you have found in retirement.

Time to go to the lake!

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