Monday, November 19, 2007

For the Love of Cinema in Ashland

Mark, Marty and I along with our friend Kathie went to the movies this weekend. Kathie is retired, and used to do some work in the film industry. She has a much more sophisticated way of looking at film that we do, so we especially love for her to join us. The conversation after is much more interesting. Actually, there are many people living in Southern Oregon who are actively working in movies. I could drop names, but one of the reasons they live here is to have some anonymity. They also love the environment of culture that they find in Ashland particularly, as well as the many out door pleasures. Clark Gable used to come to fish the Rogue River. He was one of my mothers favorites. And, I am not getting to the point of what I wanted to mention this morning. We are so fortunate to have The Ashland Independent Film Festival here each Spring. The next one is April 3-7, 2008. It is the seventh year for them and they are rapidly becoming one of the most notable in the United States. You can find more about them on our website Just look under Art, Music and Theatre. This is the kind of thing I can do now in my retirement. I can attend the festival and watch movies all day! Besides this wonderful event, we are blessed with two cinemas in Ashland, and I believe 10 screens in all! OK, now I am going to check the Ashland Daily Tidings for the weeks line up of movies! And just wait until I tell you about Mark's annual Oscar Party in February!
Cheers, Karen

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