Friday, May 14, 2010

Fitness in Retirement

One really exciting thing about retirement is the option to spend time in a kinder, gentler climate. With the onset of warm sunny spring days comes the realization that we feel so much better than we did in winter. Anecdotally, many people report that their joints ache in the cold and damp, and that the sun "warms" their bones. There is evidence that suggests people gain weight during the winter because they are depressed by the cold and dark, and actually consume an additional 200 to a whopping 1500 calories per day in the form of starchy comfort foods (and probably more alcohol as well).

The snowbird lifestyle has long been a popular choice, and speaking as one who is nearing retirement, it is looking better and better! I like to browse the retirement options on which outlines the various towns and cities in the Sun Belt. It is nice to know about housing, especially retirement communities, in these warmer climates. Granted, I'll never leave Oregon forever (see why at, but an escape to the sun in those cold, dark winter months will be better for my waistline!

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