Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Retirement in El Centro and Yuma California in the Imperial Valley

El Centro, California and Yuma, California:

East of San Diego in California's travel region known as the "Desert Country", El Centro is
the largest city of Imperial Valley. El Centro is the largest U.S. city that is entirely below sea level at about - 50 feet. This is the key city of the statistical area called 'El Centro, California" which is in fact all of Imperial County.

El Centro's population is approximately 41,000

Retirement Communities:
El Centro Senior Villas: 515 Park Ave, El Centro, CA 760-0370-0635
Heart & Hand 499 S Sunset Dr, El Centro, CA (760) 353-1387

Climate: California Desert Climate. Hot summers, moderate to cold winter nights.

Cost of Living: Moderate by national standards, low for California

Housing Costs in El Centro and Imperial Valley:
Median home price is $265,000 which is very modest by California standards.
Zillow has more detail for home prices in El Centro and the Imperial Valley of California.

Taxes: California taxes are generally high compared to other states.California Tax details are here: www.ftb.ca.gov

Imperial Valley Transit www.ivtransit.com serves the El Centro area with Bus service.

Health care:
El Centro Medical Center: www.ecrmc.org

Travel and Tourism:
El Centro is the largest city of Imperial County, CA. The El Centro Chamber website has a visitors guide and more information: www.elcentrochamber.org

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