Monday, February 25, 2008

Lake Tahoe California Retirement

Lake Tahoe:

Snowy winters and spectacular natural surroundings combine with large resort casinos and world class skiiing to make Lake Tahoe a very popular travel destination in California. Lake Tahoe is located in the travel region known as the California High Sierra. Lake Tahoe is probably more known as a vacation home area than a retirement area with nearby Reno Nevada the more popular city for retirement in this area.

Retirement Communities:
That's odd, we couldn't find *any* retirement communities in the Lake Tahoe area!

Population: 24,000 people

Climate: Cold, snowy winters and cool summers.

Cost of Living: High - this is a highly travelled tourist area.

Housing Costs:
The Median home price is $515,000
Zillow has more detail for home prices in the Lake Tahoe area, which is home to a lot of vacation homes, mostly for native Californians.

Taxes: California taxes are generally high compared to other states.
California Tax details are here:

Transportation: Mostly by personal car, taxi, or special casino shuttles. We could not find a bus service for this small city.

Health care:

Travel and tourism:

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