Monday, November 26, 2007

The Wild Birds of Southern Oregon

Yesterday I rowed on Immigrant Lake. It was one of those perfect times when the water was like glass, the sky was brilliant blue, the sun was warming us in the crisp, cool weather, and the four of us were the only ones on the lake. Except for the birds! I have often said that one of the best things about rowing is the constant treat of the wild fowl who make their homes near water. We see osprey, herons, bald eagles, a wide variety of ducks and many more whose names I am not familiar with. One of my favorite sights is a mother duck and her flotilla of babies paddling across the water. As many birds as I get to see in the Ashland area, one must really go to Klamath Falls, Oregon to get the big picture! In the Klamath Basin one will find a wildlife refuge like nothing else anywhere. I joined friends a few years ago with a wildlife biologist who took us on a tour and identified the various species and provided such interesting information about the many birds who make their home there. I know many retired people who love "birding", and I think it is because it takes patience and time to really experience them, and guess what? Retired people get to take time to enjoy their interests! My friend Jerry photographs them, while my pal Rosemary draws and paints their image. Just one more way to enjoy retirement! And by the way, there is lots of information on the Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuge on our website

Cheers, Karen

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