Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Leftovers Party

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to a dinner party at my neighbors Paul and Carol. They invited friends to come share their leftover Thanksgiving dinner as well as leftover guests. So, as I expected, I chatted with many folks who are Ashland transplants. One couple came here from Washington DC to retire, and as many of us "retired" people do, they started a business. They created a B&B called Ann Hathaway's Cottage. They mentioned to me that our friend Vicki was their mentor in the venture. (see how generous Oregonians are?) Vicki and her husband Greg own The Iris Inn B&B, which is one of the oldest in Ashland. Both of the Bed and Breakfast's that I just mentioned are on our website I met others who had moved here from various parts of California and Washington as well as the East Coast of the US. All agreed that they were in love with Oregon and Ashland in particular. One young couple I talked with said they had heard such wonderful things about Portland, Oregon.
As I walked home last night, with my empty salad bowl, and the light of the full moon to show my way, I felt extra thankful for wonderful neighbors and new friends.


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