Friday, May 6, 2011

Dogs and Their Retired People

One of the things I have enjoyed since retiring, is observing what goes on in my neighborhood during the week days. In the past 5 delicious years of retirement, I have watched people walking on my street with their dogs. I live in a neighborhood that has wonderful hiking trails, and quiet streets that makes it feel rural, even though it is 3 minutes to the Ashland Plaza. Consequently, this makes my Strawberry Lane neighborhood a favorite for dog walkers. What I have noticed is that over this 5 year period, some of the older dogs have passed on to pooch heaven and then for a time, the grieving person has walked alone. But, not much time passed before a new dog is on the walk. As I thought about this, I realized the importance of having a dog in ones life, and how these "walkers" were mostly retired people and they must feel the same way.

I am not the only one who believes in the benefit of canine companionship. A study in the Journal of The American Geriatrics Society (May 1999) says that seniors that have a pet have better physical health and mental well being than those who don't. They are more active, (dogs need a walk), and they cope with stress better (physical contact with a dog lowers blood pressure). There are many other benefits as well.

Some people may prefer another pet to a dog, but for me, there is nothing like the love and companionship of a pooch. So, I will close now, as my buddy Max, who is a combo of Corgi, Jack Russel, Beagle, and who knows what else, is reminding me that it is time to go for a walk!

Later I will give you some good ideas about adopting dogs, or having contact with them if adoption is not timely for you.

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