Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Selling My Home of 40 Years

Talk about change! Well let me tell you that getting into the whole huge process of selling a home that you have had for nearly 40 years is no small thing! It has required many different steps that I have started and have many steps to go as it has not sold yet. As I have mentioned previously, my retirement plans changed over night. I really thought I would live the rest of my life in this wonderful house, nurturing the gardens every year to become more and more fruitful. But change is upon me, so I got on the real estate bandwagon to move onward. First thing I realized is that I wanted to list my home with a real estate agent. In years past it has been easy to buy and sell as an owner for investment or other needs. However, I think the role of agents has become more important in that they really protect us as the laws seem to expand and change and become more and more complicated. So, if you are in this place of buying or selling, it is a good idea to interview some agents until you find the one that you are in sync with. I talked to three different brokers, all very qualified and people I actually had known for years. but I finally chose one of the owner/principle brokers of Ashland Homes. Their website is www.ashland_homes.com and if you go to our site www.oregonretirement.info there are many other real estate companies listed in Ashland Oregon, my home town.

This is just the beginning of this experience, and believe me when I say that the emotions that come up, the frustration, financial concerns, and physical exhaustion are all part of the pie. I will explore more of these things with you in days to come, but right now I need to mop my kitchen floor, because when your house is listed, it must be ready to show it's best at any given moment! Not what I thought I would be doing as a retiree!

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