Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tech for Seniors - CES 2010's "Silvers Summit"

Technology for "seniors" was a new category at last year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Gilbert Guide's Laurie Orlov reported on ten new tech items from CES 2009 last year including special phones, home security, and and even an electronic pill box:

Check out here report here: Gilbert Guide

This year's CES - in January of 2010, promises more new technologies geared to our retirement crowd and Retire USA will be there to check out the best of the latest and greatest which are featured as part of the show's "Silvers Summit" which will be covered at Technology Report as well as here at the Retire USA blog.

CES 2010 Silvers Summit Website

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robinr said...

Thanks much for recognizing the Silvers Summit. This year we've added a new area called Digital Health, too.

If you're attending CES this year or if any of your readers are attending I'd love to meet them in person.
--Robin Raskin, CoFounder, SilversSummit