Saturday, April 11, 2009

Slower is better

This is probably the best news you’ve ever heard: Walking slower is actually a better fat-burning technique than speed-walking or jogging! The research suggests that more vigorous bouts of exercise tend to stimulate the appetite and slow your metabolism. A moderate-paced walk reduces the production of certain appetite-stimulating hormones, and helps you avoid those post-workout binges. A slower pace also triggers your body to burn fat, where exercise with increased intensity burn sugar since it is a faster source of fuel. Even small amounts of exercise signal the body to burn fat from the abdominal region.

As a Baby Boomer who has worn out both knees from running and skiing, this is music to my ears! To think that there is a way to lose weight and belly fat by a moderate walking program is something I can really incorporate into my retirement exercise program.

Other benefits of a walking program include: Sounder sleep, more energy, less anxiety, better moods, improved confidence, increased libido, and sharper thinking. Do any of these conditions resonate with my fellow retirees? It seems aging can be a process that chips away at all the above quality of life issues, so why not fight back with a walking program?

Please consult your Primary Care Physician before embarking on a walking program to make sure it is appropriate for you.

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