Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Regions Of Delaware

Delaware is divided into three counties, creating three regions.
In the Northern Region of Delaware (New Castle County) there are du Pont properties maintained as a triumph of both natural and architectural splendor. Dine in elegant surroundings, and then immerse yourself in the Wilmington nightlife.

Central Delaware (Kent County) boasts the capital city of Dover. Horse racing and headlining entertainment at the ever-popular Dover Downs complex lies a quiet, peaceful land with many sites instrumental to the founding of a new nation. This is where you learn firsthand why "It's good being first."

Then there's Southern Delaware (Sussex County), which draws visitors through small, pastoral towns toward sand, and surf . Throughout the year, you can look forward to a relaxing escape filled with sight-seeing, golf, trips to the spa and plenty of bargain-hunting at tax-free outlet stores and antiques shops. Sounds like a retiree's heaven to me!

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