Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bridgeport Connecticut Retirement

Bridgeport, in the Coastal Fairfield region of Connecticut. The mayor himself welcomes you to Bridgeport with this note:

Bridgeport is a thriving multicultural city located right on the water of Long Island Sound in the southern part of Connecticut. Our great location and proximity to other cities such as New York and Boston make Bridgeport a wonderful city to live, work, and visit.

Home of American icons such as PT Barnum and Tom Thumb, Bridgeport’s rich history of providing the rest of the United States with needed manufactured goods during the early- to mid-20th Century earned it the name “Arsenal of Democracy” during World War II.

Bridgeport is also often referred to as the "Park City" because it possesses such beautifully designed public parks. Our Seaside Park and Beardsley Park were both created by Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect who famously designed Central Park.

Retirement Communities:

Bridgeport Rescue Mission Inc
Park City Residential Care Home (203) 362-1000
Isaiah Inc (203) 549-0018
Ludlow Health Center - (203) 372-4501
Barnum House (203) 384-0243
Hall Commons Inc (203) 338-0615
Seymour Hollander Housing

Population: 138,000


Housing Costs: The Median home price in Bridgeport is 229,000 and housing prices appear fairly stable over the past year. has more detail for home prices in Colorado

Connecticut Taxes


Universities and Colleges:
St Vincent's College
University of Bridgeport
Sacred Heart University
State of Connecticut: Bridgeport
Bridgeport Hospital School-Nursing

Health care:
Bridgeport Hospital (203) 384-3000
St Vincent's Medical Center (203) 576-6000
HealthSouth Surgery Center of Bridgeport LLC

Travel and tourism:
Attractions list for Coastal Fairfield County

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