Friday, February 15, 2008

San Francisco Retirement

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the USA's most vibrant metropolitan regions, with cultural and natural attractions that make San Francisco one of the most visited cities in the USA. Although this is a major metro area, San Francisco is considerably smaller than Los Angeles or New York, and thus there are many quiet neighborhoods as well as active urban areas. A key challenge to a San Francisco Retirement is going to be cost - this is one of the most expensive areas in the country, and even with recent real estate market problems the cost of living here tends to be very expensive. Median home price, for example, is about $888,000 although you should note that nearby areas tend to have much lower prices than those you'd find within the city limits of San Francisco.

San Francisco Retirement Communities:

Eastern Park Apartments: A Retirement Community: (415) 776-0114
Western Park Apartments: A Retirement Community: (415) 922-5436
Jewish Home of San Francisco
San Francisco Towers
Sequoias-San Francisco:
Sunrise At Golden Gate Park

Population: 744,00

Climate: Very moderate. San Francisco tends to be cool year-round, with plenty of rain.
Here's more from the SFGate, an online info portal for the area:

Cost of Living: Very high

Housing Costs: Very high. See Zillow for detail.

Taxes: California generally has high taxes compared to other states. Extensive California Tax
details are here:

San Francisco Colleges and Universities:

City College of San Francisco: (415) 239-3000
San Francisco State University: (415) 338-1111
San Francisco Art Institute: (415) 771-7020
California Culinary Academy: (888) 858-5222
University of California Irvine Campus: (949) 824-5011
University of San Francisco: 422-5555
Golden Gate University: (415) 442-7000
California Institute: (415) 575-6100
Heald College: (415) 808-3000
San Francisco Conservatory of Music (415) 864-7326

Transportation: Options in this city are extensive: San Francisco International Airport SFO serves the region but also within about an hour or less from Airports in Oakland OAK, San Jose SJC, and Sacramento SMF.

Health care:

UCSF Children's Hospital:
UCSF Medical Center:
UCSF Medical Center: Mount Zion: (415) 353-7598
Chinese Hospital: (415) 750-4403
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital: (415) 353-6255
Laguna Honda Hospital & Rehabilitation Center (415) 759-2300
St Luke's Hospital: (415) 647-8600
Cohen-Lief Cardiology Medical (415) 567-9469
St Mary's Medical Center: (415) 750-5500

Travel and tourism: San Francisco is a legendary travel destination where nature, culture, and history converge in many ways. Only in San Francisco is the official guide from the Convention Bureau:

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