Thursday, February 21, 2008

Retire To Kotzebue, Alaska

Kotzebue lies on a sand spit at the end of the Baldwin Penninsula in the Kotzebue Sound where the Noatak, Kobuk and Selawik rivers end. The Kotzebue Sound was named after Otto von Kotzebue who 'discovered' the sound while exploring for Russia in 1818. The site was a trading location for local natives for hundreds of years. A post office was established in 1899.

Population: As of the census of 2007, there were 3,109 people

Climate: Kotzebue is located in the transitional climate zone, which is characterized by long, cold winters and cool summers. The average low temperature during January is -12; the average high during July is 58.

Health Care: Local hospitals or health clinics include Maniilaq Medical Health Center (442-3321). The hospital is a qualified Acute Care facility.

Transportation: Air is the primary means of transportation year-round. The State-owned Ralph Wien Memorial Airport supports daily jet service to Anchorage and several air taxis to the region's villages. It has a 5,900' long by 150' wide main paved runway and 3,800' long by 100' wide crosswind gravel runway. A seaplane base is also operated by the State.

Housing Costs: Estimated median house/condo value in 2005: $134,600 (it was $116,700 in 2000)

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Joseph Hunkins said...

Brrrrr! But the fishing must be incredible!