Sunday, November 11, 2007

Retirement USA

My daughter and I returned from our week holiday. We visited another beautiful state..Hawaii. Or, Kauai to be specific. I love that island and will continue to spend time there, but I do have to admit that I am always happy to return to Oregon. As I drove into Ashland from the Medford International Airport, I sent up a thank you for returning me safely and especially to this beautiful area of Southern Oregon. As you see I mentioned the airport, which is only 15 miles North of Ashland. It is such a bonus to living in Southern Oregon, as we who are retired tend to travel a bit, and getting to an International airport easily can be so important. You can check out our website and read more about the airport in Medford.

It is a sunny, bright morning and I am eager to get out in my garden and see what needs to be done for winter. Surely raking leaves, but in this Oregon air and sun, what could be better?

Until tomorrow, bye for now.


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