Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cycling in Ashland, Oregon

Many of my friends are avid cyclists, especially those fortunate enough to be retired with a little extra time to devote to the activity. Southern Oregon is a fantastic place to pursue my favorite sport, with a bike path that extends from Ashland to Medford, and then from Medford to Central Point. There are plans to complete this non-motorized vehicle route all the way to Grants Pass. You can check out Bear Creek Greenway at http://bearcreekgreenway.com for details on the actual route as well as the proposed expansion. Another great site to browse is Siskiyou Velo, http://siskiyouvelo.org. This is our local cycling club, and features information on the week's scheduled rides as well as upcoming events out of the area. Join the club, and receive a newsletter with interesting information on topics such as nutrition, cycling safety, and a bulletin board to buy and sell gear.
The granddaddy of touring is Cycle Oregon, http://cycleoregon.com. The logistics of feeding, housing, and entertaining 2000 cyclists for a week as they pedal across our lovely state is quite something to behold! Cycle Oregon always finds the roads less travelled, and this is a chance for local communities to strut their stuff and showcase their local culinary and musical talents. You will discover scenic corners of Oregon you never knew existed, and fall in love with the charming small town spirit.
In the off season, like today which is raining, head for the http://ashlandymca.org and take a spin class or just do some cross training on their excellent equipment. They have an impressive staff of personal trainers if you need a little encouragement, and a unique salt water indoor pool which has very low chlorine content and is also more buoyant. Try a Tai Chi class to improve your balance, which is so important in cycling.
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Chrism929 said...

I just found this - excellent info on the woderful cycling in Ashland! To anyone interested in active living in Ashland - we've started a new blog about our lives at Mountain Meadows Community in Ashland. Check it out and come cycle with us -
Christine, Madeline, Galen, Katherine and friends